Pivotal Therapeutics Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company with a focus on optimizing Omega-3 therapy for cardiovascular disease and overall health. Pivotal developed its lead product VASCAZEN® based on the scientific evidence on the benefits of Omega-3 for cardiovascular patients.  VASCAZEN® is currently available in the U.S. as a prescription only medical food specifically formulated for the dietary management of Omega-3 deficiency in patients with cardiovascular disease (CVD).  VASCAZEN® is a >90% pure Omega-3 with a proprietary 6:1 EPA:DHA fatty acid formulation protected by a series of  both U.S. and foreign patents.

VASCAZEN® has been clinically shown to correct an Omega-3 deficiency within eight weeks of treatment with positive concomitant effects on the lipid profiles, mainly a 48% reduction of triglycerides and an increase in HDL without a negative impact on the LDL-C lipid profile.   VASCAZEN®’s results were achieved with a dose of 3 grams of EPA and DHA per day of a prescription grade, high purity Omega-3.

Pivotal’s second product, OMAZEN® is a greater than 90% pure, pharmaceutical grade Omega-3 commercialized for sale and distribution in Canada for the maintenance of good health through elevating Omega-3 fatty acid levels. The unique formulation and dosage is available for sale to consumers who realize the health benefits of high purity Omega-3 supplementation.