VASCAZEN® is a prescription only Medical Food specifically formulated for the dietary management of an Omega-3 Deficiency in cardiovascular patients. VASCAZEN® is a >90% pure Omega-3 consisting of a proprietary blend of Omega-3 fatty acids.  The VASCAZEN® formulation was clinically shown to correct an Omega-3 Deficiency and reduce various risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease. VASCAZEN® is the only prescription Omega-3 Medical Food available in the US and is protected by a series of both issued and pending US and foreign patents.

VASCAZEN® has been clinically shown to correct an Omega-3 Deficiency within 8 weeks of treatment with positive concomitant effects on the lipid profiles, mainly a 48% reduction of triglycerides and a raise of HDL-C without negative impact on the LDL-C lipid profile.VASCAZEN®’s results were achieved with a dose of three grams of EPA and DHA per day of a prescription grade, high purity Omega-3.



OMAZEN® is a greater than 90% pure, pharmaceutical grade Omega-3 for the maintenance of good health. OMAZEN® has a proprietary formulation delivering optimal levels of Omega-3 that promotes an increase in blood flow, reduced inflammation and positive effects on blood lipids contributing to the maintenance of good health.

OMAZEN® provides over 90% pure total Omega-3 concentrations in each capsule while other  Omega-3 supplements typically contain on average, concentrations of only 30%-60% per capsule.  This high concentration of Omega-3 ensures that there are none of the “fillers” typically contained in the over -the -counter (OTC) products working against the positive effects of the Omega-3. OMAZEN® undergoes a five-step purification process to ensure all toxins and fillers are removed and is third party tested by internationally recognized organizations.